Put Volunteer Recruiting on Autopilot

When your volunteer base grows, numbers and giving rise. Using our fun and engaging quiz, your attenders learn about their Core Motivations and serving roles that match. Their information populates your searchable database and sends a note to ministry leaders informing them that a possible ministry match entered your database.



The Quiz

Our quiz is based on more than 20 years of research. It's a series of yes/no questions that reveal to the respondent how God created their personality and where they are best wired to serve.


The Database

All quiz results populate your searchable database. Mix and match more than 30 data points to uncover the perfect people to fill open roles. Learn more below.


Core Motivations CONNECT

When somebody new enters your database that fits a certain ministry, we'll e-mail the ministry leader. We send them all the information they need to make an introduction and create a relationship. And it's all customizable for your church.


The Class

Invite them to a one-time fun class that shows them in more detail how God wired them to serve. Teach it live or use our 90-minute video. We even created the workbooks. All you have to do is make copies. We highly recommend the class but it’s not required for Core Motivations to work.

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The Database

Manage, Search, Sort, Export.

All results populate your database where you can filter by any combination of attributes. Need a 20-something unmarried female who lives within 10 miles of a certain campus to lead a college-age women’s group who has a Nurturer Core Motivation? You can search for that person! You can apply dozens of filters in any combination.

Create reports for exporting to Excel or Google Drive or text and e-mail people from within your dashboard.

“Church members often struggle to see how volunteering is directly connected to their spiritual gifts and purpose. Core Motivations offers a fresh and effective way for all involved to strengthen the overall health of the church.”




Customizable Ministries and Job Descriptions

First upload the ministry names and the person or people that head that area. Attenders view their results along with ministries and job descriptions customized to your church. You give us your job descriptions and we code them and upload to your database.


Automatic Reinvites

Automatic Reinvites after 3 and 5 Days

Who has time to monitor every quiz invitation? Our system automatically sends reminders and reinvites to people who don't take the quiz. You can also send text messages with the quiz link.


Certified Coach

Your Personal Core Motivations Certified Coach

Church growth doesn't happen by passing out a quiz. It starts with a culture and vision shift. Your Core Motivations certified coach will help you implement our system into all areas of your church. We're all pastors and church leaders who have walked this journey. We'll coach and encourage you along the way. 


Drive Church Growth

Why Volunteers Drive Church Growth

Church attendance is dropping nationwide but some churches are seeing double digit growth in attendance each year. Thriving churches know that volunteers drive growth and simply saying "Invite a friend" from the platform isn't a cornerstone strategy. Read this report to learn how Core Motivations supercharges your growth.



Barna Report

Barna Report: How Age Affects Giving

Older Americans may equate generosity with money while younger generations want to serve instead of give with their wallets. Core Motivations helps you identify people's views on generosity and helps you connect them to service areas and/or causes that entice them to get involved. Read the report below.



Volunteer Base

$8 of Every $10 Comes From Your Volunteer Base.

Study your giving statistics and you'll find that nearly all of your giving comes from people who are plugged into your church. Learn why increasing your volunteer numbers will also increase your tithe and offering dollars while also upping their spiritual health.


A New Vision for Volunteers

Core Motivations isn’t just for your attendees. We’re church leaders like you and we know that casting the vision for your staff is the beginning of any culture change. That’s why we created the Core Motivations Volunteer Vision.

- Serving is the #1 driver of church growth
- Serving is part of discipleship
- Everyone is called to ministry
- God blesses those who serve (Prov. 11:25)
- Everyone is a "10" somewhere
- Leaders “give ministry away”
- Speak about serving during weekend services
- Let volunteers serve without being members
- Let volunteers try different serving areas.
- Serving grows through intentional recruitment.
- People love serving in their “sweet spot”
- The best hires come from your volunteer base

“We love how easy it is to use Core Motivations. This resource has cut down on the time it takes to discover a person's giftings and has created a database that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.”

Volunteers Drive Church Growth

Your volunteers are priceless and cost Jesus His life, but from a practical side what is the measurable value of a committed volunteer to your church? Watch the video below.

$16,800 Per Year!

“Core Motivations has helped us in two specific areas: First we can get onboard our team members and put them in the right seat on the bus. Secondly, People flourish when they are empowered to do the work of the ministry.”


Core Motivations is for organizations serious about investing in growth. Our pricing is based on usage, making it affordable for organizations of any size.

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